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World of Warcraft Radio, or simply WoW Radio, is an independent group of players that have come together to produce and promote live radio shoutcasts that air throughout the week. Our shows are about 90% talk and 10% music, with most of the music either being produced at home by WoW players, or produced by the Blizzard sound team and released for public use.

Our existence and exhibitions are acknowledged and approved by Blizzard, and we have been featured on http://www.worldofwarcraft.com more than six times.

Our shows include:

Please note all shows with the exception of Downtime and Queue the
Music are pre-ceded by a pre-show, generally starting 1 hour before the
scheduled show time. This show generally contains music and will
sometimes take requests. Please check our IRC channel for details.

Every Saturday at 2:00 PM EST
the ashes of Blue Plz! rises [EPIC], WoW Radio's flagship show,
co-presented by the deadly combination of TotalBiscuit and Kikijiki.
Tackling all aspects of WoW in a balanced yet no-holds barred debate
sometimes combining forces and sometimes duking it out in a duel of
opinions and quick-witted banter. Add in some excellent production
values, killer topics, hilarious features such as Ask the Murloc and
Nubcake News and a dash of music and you have a recipe for a truly EPIC

The Shadow Council with Duncor
Every Sunday at 2:00 PM EST

Shadow Council is like all those debate shows you see on the news
channels that is all about World of Warcraft. Well, with out the
knowledgeable guest, the insightful topics, and the debt part. It's
really more off a show where 5 people yell at each other and someone
usually gets stabbed by the end of it. I guess it is like those debate
shows after all.

The Ancient of Lore with Leto
Every Monday at 7:00 PM EST
Ancient of Lore is all about Lore and how it's in action in the world
of Warcraft. Including analysis of the lore in everyday play as well as
backstory and key lore involving the ever growing story line in
Warcraft! Along with his sidekick Karrius, he has all your lore needs

Downtime Downunder with Leto, Darkfyre, and TotalBiscuit
Every Tuesday starting at 8:00 AM EST
got you down? Fear not, help is on the way as the WoW Radio team put on
a marathon session of musical entertainment. Get interactive as the
community gathers to request songs and socialise while the game servers
are down for maintenance. With Darkfyre and Leto leading the charge,
you’re sure not to be disappointed. Prepare yourself for the might of
"Ironforged" later on in the afternoon as TotalBiscuit rounds off the
Downtime Downunder with an epic spectacle: two hours of the finest that
metal has to offer

EndGame with Tyrrum

Every Tuesday at 7:00 PM EST
our host Tyrrum in discovering the end game content of WoW. Tyrrum has
spent many a day traveling the realms in his pursuit of furthering the
end game experience and is getting the word out about all the end game
content that you have dreamed of! So tune in on Tuesday nights at 7 EST
for talks about the most challenging encounters imaginable!

Violent Noise with Moiren

Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM EST
known as The Midweek Review and Know Your Role, Violent Noise is a show
dedicated to the Role Playing aspects of the World of Warcraft.
Features include weekly updates on the WoW Radio RP/PVP guilds, the
latest issues affecting RP servers, and an assortment of other content.
Turn on the Nuna Boxes and listen in.

The Happy Hour Tavern with Mickey and Dustin
Every Thursday at 7:00 PM EST
Happy Hour Tavern is a lovely pub located in the peaceful town of
Goldshire. Stop in every Thursday night at 7:00 EST and get hammered
with Mickey and Dustin. They'll give you some good stuff all about the
WoW community you've come to know and love. Features like Buff 'N'
Nerf, In the Spotlight, and Dustin's Rant will help to get you through
the night. It's also the new home to "The Chalice of Silvermoon." Don't
miss it!

Vendor Trash with Slanik
Every Friday at 2:00 PM EST
us every friday for Vendor Trash. The show where we take our crazy
Irishman, Slanik, and give him a microphone. Listen to topics be
drailed, new ones being created and strange conclusions being reached
all in the first 30 seconds! Definatly the most laid back, relaxed, and
fun show on WoW Radio

Queue the Music with Various
Every Friday at 6:00 PM EST
music... for queues. The queues blues got you down? Stuck in a line and
trying to kill time? Tune in live for some ecclectic DJing from the WoW
Radio staff to keep you entertained while that seemingly eternal server
line slowly ticks away.
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