dear_keylime (dear_keylime) wrote in wowradio,

WoW Radio is LIVE with Downtime Downunder

Sorry if I hardly update this anymore. I am no longer a member of WoW Radio, but I'll try to update this as much as I can!

If anyone in this community wants to be a moderator and update this whenever a show it on the air, please let me know!

Need to clear your Downtime blues? Then be sure to listen in as we will take you through the downtime with music, music, MUSIC!

Show Airing: As the US realms go down

Be sure to listen in!

To Listen:
To Chat:
IRC info: #wowradio
Streaming support:
Please enter the IRC chat for streaming support! The IP for the shoutcast server can be found on the connection support page!

Don't have a media player? Don't worry WoWRadio has an embedded player to listen via an internet window!

World of Warcraft Radio:
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